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   Okay, so your probably sat here thinking.. what am I supposed to do now that I have sent over my event info.. It's easy, sit back and relax we will respond within 48 hours with any questions and hopefully a confirmation without any issues!

If there is an issue with your booking, the team will be reacting behind the scenes to ensure we can attend and deliver every event possible!


   Once the date is set and the electricity, waste and venue space had been discussed, we will want to know how many people are attending, we will want to know if there are any children, any disabled access or are there any dietary requirements we need to be aware of.


  Now that we know exactly what kind of crowd to expect, where the venue is and how much room we will have. We will pass all of this information to our team of brainiacs and they will send us a quote for your day. We will offer 3 packages to allow you to choose the one that best suits your budget we can adjust and change the service provided. All 3 ofcourse being world class.


   Once the package has been selected we will invoice you for a deposit, if a deposit is not recieved 2 weeks prior to your event, we cannot secure that date for you unfortunately. When we recieve the deposit, we wil arrive at your venue at an agree'd time.


  It takes approximately 1 hour for the team to unload and build the set up. So please consider this when arranging arrival times with us. Once we are in service and everything is in place, you should be kicking back and relaxing at this point as all of your guests enjoy the show! Not just our flashy seasoning, but the aromas of the waffles as we cook them freshly to order, the flavaz getting tossed around the big bowls and ofcourse our artistic presentation.


    When all is said and done, we will be cleaned up in approximately 1 hour after service we will come and say our farewells and expect the remaining payment to be made on the day of the event. We will dispose of our own waste oil and all of our packaging and disposables will be bio degradeable! 

Once your deposit is paid, we will see you at your event!

Contact us with your event Location,

Date and Time.

We will get our genuises to run around and get you a quote ASAP.

Tell us the expected footfall and any special requests/ Requirements.


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